Lisa Graziani


I’m at the third year of the PhD Program in Smart Computing of University of Florence, and my advisor is Marco Gori.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics on October 2013, and my Master’s Degree in Mathematics on July 2016, both at the University of Siena and  both cum laude. The thesis of my Master’s degree was about Computer Aided Geometric Design.

After my graduation I have worked for a year in a large company.  Meanwhile I started developing an interest in Machine Learning and I decided to switch to this field.

I deal with Affective Computing in different modalities. First I have developed a system of Facial Expression Recognition (try my demo in our website!).  With regard to this work I wrote the paper The Role of  Coherence in Facial Expression Recognition with Stefano Melacci and Marco Gori (, that has been awarded as best student paper at AIxIA2018 conference. This paper has been extended for the journal “Intelligenza Artificiale” (  Then I built a model that jointly learns the tasks of emotion detection and Facebook reaction prediction on text. The connected paper Jointly Learning to Detect Emotions and Predict Facebook Reactions ( been presented at ICANN2019 conference.

In regard to my extra activities I like drawing, painting and creating in general, and I play football.