Siena Artificial Intelligence Lab

The focus of our research is on machine learning. In the last few years, we’ve been mainly involved in the conception of new theories of learning in structured domains and in their applications to pattern recognition and mining the web. We are also interested in facing popular puzzles using problem solving and, especially, in cracking crosswords. We strongly believe in the importance of technological transfer, but you can find us involved also in discussions on novel models of computation and in their relationships with human brain.

“Listen to your gut. Many people lack the self-confidence necessary for that and they miss opportunities. As researchers our main job is to have useful ideas that advance knowledge. These ideas always come from somewhere hidden in our brain and we must cultivate our ability to give that idea-generation process enough time. You need space in your week to think, to not work on programming or writing or even reading. Just think about the big questions that bug you.” (Yoshua Bengio)

Research Topics

Learning From Constraints

When water moves, mollusks open shell and when something touches membrane, then shell closes. Animals are able to coordinate perception...

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Computer Vision

Learning in Visual Environments. We aim at developing intelligent agents with visual skills that operate in a given environment. A...

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Machine Learning (ML) techniques, such as Markov models, support vector machines, neural networks and, in particular, graphical models and deep...

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Natural Language Processing

We study life-long learning conversational agent based on sub-symbolic representations of the sentences properly coded by neural networks based on the...

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Deep Learning

We have several years of experience with Artificial Neural Networks, both from the foundational and from the applicative point of...

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