Moreno Falaschi

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Full professor of Computer Science at the Univ. of Siena. Member of the doctoral school on ‘Information Engineering and Science’ in Siena. Scientific responsible of the project of internazionalization funded by MIUR (2006-08) of the master in Bioinformatics together with the university of Leiden and Delft (The Netherland). Delegate of the Rector of the U. of Udine for Scientific and Technological Research from 2001-2004. Director of the Ph.D program in Computer Science in Udine from 1996-2004. He has developed models of biological systems based on constraint logic programming. Previously he has been working for over fifteen years on semantics and analysis of logic programming, (timed) concurrent constraint programming, and (constraint) functional logic programming. Then he worked on the formal specification and verification of web sites. He published over 100 articles in international journals and conferences and leads the Computational Logic group in Siena. He was scientific responsible of the Padova node in the HCM Network on Constraint Solving in Europe (CONSOLE) and of the Udine node in the EU-IL project of collaboration on “Bottom-up analysis of logic programming languages” (ISC-IL-90 PARFORCE). He was responsible for the node of Udine of several italian projects funded by CNR (National Research Council) or by MURST (Italian Ministry for University and Scientific Technology), including the projects COFIN99 “Automatic program certification by abstract interpretation and verification'”, PRIN02 “Constraint based specification, static analysis and verification of reactive systems”, PRIN04 ‘Abstract Interpretation: methods and tools for the verification of software systems’, PRIN06 ‘Analysis and verification of computational models for systems biology’. He has been invited visiting researcher at the Weizmann Institute, IBM Watson Research Center, Ecole Polytechnique, etc… His H-index in Googlescholar is 22.

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