simone furini

Simone Furini

Short Bio

I am a researcher at the Department of Medical Biotechnologies of the University of Siena. The focus of my research is the simulation of biological systems at the atomic and molecular scale, with the main application being the analysis of ion conduction in membrane proteins (12th DECI call: Computational studies of sodium channels; 17th PRACE call: Mechanisms of ion conduction in sodium channels). In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase, both in the timescales accessible by numerical simulations, and in the availability of single-molecule experimental data. The consequence is that finding relevant information among the plethora of simulated and experimental data is becoming a serious bottleneck for the analysis of biological systems. In this context, I am interested in the application of Machine Learning methods for linking the structural and dynamical characteristics extracted from simulations at the microscopic scale, with the functional properties of biological systems at the macroscopic scale.