Alberto Rossi

Short Bio

I started the Phd in Smart Computing at the university of Florence in 2017.

In the same year i finished the MS in Computer and Automation Engineer at the University of Siena, while i received the BS in Information System at the University of Siena in 2014.

I’m interested in data science and machine learning, and its application to biomedical data.


– Barlacchi, G., Rossi, A., Lepri, B., & Moschitti, A. (2017). Structural Semantic Models for Automatic Analysis of Land Use.
– Cicaloni, V., Zugarini, A., Rossi, A., Zazzeri, M., Santucci, A., Bernini, A., & Spiga, O. (2016). Towards an integrated interactive database for the search of stratification biomarkers in Alkaptonuria (No. e2174v1). PeerJ Preprints.