giuseppe alessio d'inverno

Giuseppe Alessio D’Inverno

Short Bio

I am a PhD student in Information and Engineering Science at University of Siena since November 2020.
I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Violin at ISSM “R. Franci” of Siena in November 2015; then, I took my Bachelor Degree in Mathematics in February 2018 and my Master Degree cum Laude in Applied Mathematics in April 2020, with a thesis in Algebraic Statistics called “Towards the determination of thresholds in neural networks”.

Research Interests

My research interests are going toward Approximation Theory on Machine Learning and Probabilistic Models for Artificial Intelligence; nevertheless, I always get interested in challenging tasks whose solution could improve life quality of people.

About me

I am a Christian, all my lifestyle is based on my faith.
I enjoy playing a lot of instruments besides the violin: viola, piano, electric bass, guitar, and last but not least, the ukulele.