Niccolò Pancino

Niccolò Pancino

Short Bio

I’ve been a PhD student in Smart Computing at the University of Florence since November 2019.
In 2016 I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Engineering at the University of Siena, where a few years later, in 2019, I got also my Master’s Degree Cum Laude in Computer and Automation Engineering, defending a thesis called “Graph Neural Network for the prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions”.

Research Interests

During my work for the Master’s Thesis I’ve been so interested Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that I decided to continue my studies in these topics by applying for the PhD.
I want to make use of the knowledge acquired during my education in order to improve people’s quality of life: indeed my dream is to succeed with my work in helping others, albeit minimally, by developing new models and supporting them by some theoretical insight and by a wide experimentation, particularly devoted to biomedical applications.
I would like to grow both as a single person and as a member of a team, positively influencing the achievement of common goals.


:: Keras-based GNNs
We provide a Tensorflow 2.x implementation of the Graph Neural network model, developed under the supervision of the authors of the original work, available here.