Stefano Fioravanti


I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Siena Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, tutored by Prof. Marco Maggini. I obtained my PhD at the JKU of Linz, Austria, defending a thesis entitled “Clones, clonoids, and Mal’cev conditions”, with advisor Prof. Erhard Aichinger. I was employed in grant P29931000 of the Austrian FWF. I am a member of the GNSAGA group.

I am generally interested in Artificial Intelligence and other connected areas of computer science. I am working on problems related to application of Deep Learning models to computer text analysis.


I received my B.S in mathematics at Siena, summa cum laude, with a thesis titled “Reflexive subalgebras”.
In 2016 I completed my M.S. in mathematics at Siena, summa cum laude.
My thesis was titled “Some very weak Mal’cev conditions”.