[Feb 15th 2023] LabMeeting: WebCrowDE – Automated German Crossword resolution

Thomas Röthenbacher

When: Feb 15th, 2023 – 11:30 – 12:00 AM
Where: Google meet link

WebCrowDE – Automated German Crossword resolution

WebCrow is an automatic Crossword Puzzles solver for Italian and English. Adapting a crossword solver to other languages can be challenging because each language has its own characteristics and puzzles its own peculiarities. German is well known for words compounding, which is a particularly difficult aspect to tackle. In this seminar, I will present the ongoing work of my master’s thesis on German Crossword resolution. After extending the solver to the German language and evaluating its performances on collected crosswords, I am presenting a preliminary implementation of an expert that generates answers using a fine-tuned version of GPT-2, that respects constraints such as answer length and the presence of specific characters in the word.

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