NeSy 2023 – 17th International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning

We are pleased to announce that SAILab will participate in the organization of the next edition of the NeSy Worshop!

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NeSy Workshop dates: 3-5 July 2023
Location: Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, Italy

The NeSy workshop series is the longest standing gathering for the presentation and discussion of cutting edge research in neurosymbolic AI. NeSy is the annual meeting of the Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Association.

Neural networks and statistical Machine Learning have achieved industrial relevance in a number of areas from healthcare to finance and business, obtaining state-of-the-art performance at language modelling, speech and image recognition, sensor data and graph analytics. Symbolic AI is challenged by such unstructured large data, but offers sound and well-understood formal reasoning and explanation via knowledge representation that can be inspected to interpret how decisions follow from data. Neural and symbolic AI approaches also contrast in the problems that they excel at: deep learning excels at scene recognition, but fails at planning and rich deductive reasoning.

Neurosymbolic AI aims to build rich computational AI models, systems and applications by combining neural and symbolic learning and reasoning. It hopes to create synergies among the strengths of neural and symbolic AI while overcoming their complementary weaknesses. The NeSy workshop series is the premier venue for the presentation and discussion of the theory and practice of neural-symbolic computing. Since NeSy 2005 the workshop provided an atmosphere for the free exchange of ideas bringing together the community of scientists and practitioners that straddle the line between connectionism and symbolic AI.


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