[Nov 18th 2020] LabMeeting: Neural networks for processing heterogeneous graphs

Federica Baccini (University of Florence)

Nov 18, 2020 – 11:00 – 11:45 AM
Conference Meeting

In this talk, I will introduce the problem of processing heterogeneous graphs (HETGs), i.e. graphs where nodes represent different entities, and edges denote multiple relation types. Despite heterogeneous graphs are able to model a broad variety of real world applications, only few state-of-the-art methods for performing usual tasks on homogeneous graphs (e.g. clustering, link prediction, node classification…) have been extended to the heterogeneous case. In particular, Neural Networks and Deep Learning have been shown to be efficient in processing graph structured data. Although most graph neural networks are designed to process homogeneous graphs, there are recent works that try to exploit these architectures to gather information from heterogeneous networks. The problems encountered in designing a model which efficiently extracts meaningful information from HETGs mainly regard difficulties in aggregating neighbourhood information and in processing heterogeneous node features.

In this seminar, I will first introduce the problem of HETGs processing, together with some examples of existing techniques for mining them. Then, I will give a motivation for the use of neural networks for processing HETGs, followed by some further perspectives and by a couple of possible applications.

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